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Updates 7/23/17

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- Added separate npc Nex boss called *nex* it will not have any brothers to fight, this has been added to diamond portal permanently

- Added skotizo boss in 46 wilderness, added his own drop table and a skotizo pet

- In addition to skotizo he drops the gem piece needed to make the new hybrid godsword (ancient godstaff)

- He also now drops armadyl robes that will have a mage and strength bonus

- The new Ancient godsword staff is one handed, has bonus mage and melee str bonus with a spec of an armadyl godsword that hits twice and faster, You can autocast with this due to its high mage bonus it is almost a bis staff as well as a faster armadyl godsword. This godstaff can be made with 1. Ancient staff 2. Armadyl godsword 3. Ancient gem (dropped by skotizo)

- I changed some stats on the op weapons, added back bonus to ice arrows, added speed to infernal bow, blowpipes, and twisted bow.

- Changed the prices of the donor zone and portal teleport tabs

- Added alot more stuff to PvP chest

- Added the list of rewards from the PvP chest on the forums in knowledge base


Well thats all for today that i remember, as always more coming soon! and enjoy! -Test


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