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Safe Spotting - Safe spotting is not allowed at any monster in the boss or elite monster categories including GWD, basically if it has a rare drop of value, we consider it illegal to safe spot. Safe spotting is the act of using the map in such a way to prevent you from taking damage from a monster/boss.  If you are unsure of weather something is considered safe spotting, play on the safe side until you can ask a staff member, they will be happy to clarify for you.

Auto Clicking/Macroing/Auto-Typing - Use of third party programs, or other means to play the game for you when you are otherwise not able to reply to a staff members checking on you will be considered auto clicking/macroing.  Again, if you are suspected to be using these means, a staff member will ask you to reply to their talking to you, pm and public chat will be used to do its, if you are unable to respond in a timely manner (determined by the staff member checking) you will be considered to be using an auto clicker/macro and a punishment will be applied, said staff member may choose to teleport you in order to check for an auto clicker/macro as well, same thing applies, if said staff members deems an auto clicker/macro to be being used, punishment will be applied.  Please note that all this applies to auto typer's as well.

Duping - This is the act of exploiting in game glitches to duplicate items, this WILL NOT be tolerated in any way shape or form and will result in an IMMEDIATE permanent IP ban.  If you happen to accidentally stumble on one of these glitches, report it to a staff member immediately along with surrendering any duplicated item/s to said staff member for proper disposal, in this case, assuming this was not INTENTIONALLY done for personal gain, no action will be taken against the reporting player.  We do ask that reporting a duping glitch is kept between you and the staff as we do not want these glitches publicly known for obvious reasons.

Glitching/No-Clipping/Cheating - This rule covers intentionally using glitches for personal gain, as well as using cheat clients in any way (please note that CLAIMING to be using a cheat client will result in 1 warning, followed by treating it as if it were a proven act of cheating), including to no-clip through walls and get to otherwise areas inaccessible to players, if it is not accessible to you, there is a reason for it.


Staff Disrespect -  we expect our staff members to be treated with respect, if you fail to abide by this rule, you risk being punished at the staff members discretion.  To be clear here, it is okay to question a staff member's decision, most staff will be more than willing to explain why they took the action they took, but if at any point said staff member tells you to end it, you end it or risk punishment.  Personal or professional insults towards staff will not be tolerated, our staff is staff for a reason and do what they do to the best of their ability.  If you have a problem with something a staff member has done or said, it should be taken to the report abuse section of the forums with proof. 

Advertising - Please do not mention any other rsps by name in any chat on Freedomscape, this will be considered advertising, giving/spamming the site of another server in cc/yell will be an instant permanent IP ban, mentioning servers by name will be handled at staffs discretion.


Gambling - Do NOT dice with invalid funds. Forfeiting during the game is NOT allowed. You MUST state and agree on the game you're playing.
 You MUST state and agree on the amount you're betting, including the variable (items or gp).
 It is advised to always check if the player you're betting against actually has the funds.
Failure to pay bets will get you banned, if you are the one being scammed you must have proof (screenshot) of the agreement of bet and the game played to clearly see who won, and that the losing opponent left without paying to receive payment of what you were scammed. If the player never had the funds in the first place you will not receive payment.

Donations - This category covers rules related to donations.
Chargebacks - Donations to the server are just that, donations made for the purpose of helping the server with running costs, as well as anything else that may require payment.  Any attempt at charging back donations will be met with a permanent IP ban, as this is considered a direct attack on the server and owner, as money may have already been spent on server costs, this can put our server, and its owner in a very rough spot financially. Breaking a rule and getting banned or punished in any way is NO REASON to Chargeback your donations. You will not get a refund. Once you receive your rank, points or items in game the donation is final and can not be refunded for any reason.


GIVEAWAYS- If you are quiting or giving away your items, there is a limit to how much you can give out or drop. The items and coins total dropped or given away must be under 2b of value. If items, coins, or a combination of the two valued at 2b+ are given away without permission, The recipients of the Items, coins, or both will have their stuff taken back and possible more items as a punishment of accepting an unauthorized amount of items, coins, or both combined. You may get jailed or for repeat offenders banned or Items may be removed from bank without your consent by the owner.

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Nice Rules :) i hope everyone will respect it.

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