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Name: Robin

Username in game: Ammoniak

Forum username: Ammoniak

Age: 21

Timezone: European east UTC+02:00

Country: Netherlands

Main language or others you may speak: Dutch / Englisch


Have you ever been punished in any way in-game or on the forum?: No, im clean

If answered yes to above, what did you do?: ---


How many hours (roughly) do you or can you play a week?: After work im online most time thats around 16:00 (CEST). when im on work i will be able to chat on the forum. beside that i will come to 40-70 hours a week


What does being part of staff mean to you?: Help players with problems. give support to people who need some help. 


If a player is breaking the rules how are you going to deal with it?: First they always will be warned / use bugs / cheats or other stuff in this category you will be jailed or even kicked/ban. The Owner of the server will always decide what do to. I always make screenshots for evidence. 

Have you ever been staff before on another rsps?: Yes (runned my own servers to)

If answered yes to above, what position did you have, what server you were staff for and for how long?: i have lots of experience with staff or just running a server. i runned my own server 2years ago with around of 50+ players. and i was admin on some servers where i was doing all the support for people (The experience is very high i runned a WoW/minecraft server to)

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denied. old dont play anymore


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