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biguns helper app

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Name: marcus


Username in game: bigun1994


Forum username:bigun1994


Age: 22


Timezone: central


Country: america 


Main language or others you may speak: partial spanish and english


What position are you applying for?: helper/support


How Long have you played FreedomScape and been loyal to us?: few months now i forgot my ingame time


Have you ever been punished in any way in-game or on the forum?: no 


If answered yes to above, what did you do?:


How many hours (roughly) do you or can you play a week?: well i play every morning for a lil while probably id say atleast 5 hours a day


What does being part of staff mean to you?: i just love helping people and i want to be apart of this server and help as much as i can


If a player is breaking the rules how are you going to deal with it?: mute at first then jail and then ban depending how bad they are ima 3 strikes your out kinda guy


Have you ever been staff before on another rsps?: yes 


If answered yes to above, what position did you have, what server you were staff for and for how long?: i was mod on 2 servers and helper on dreamscape the two servers i was mod on everyone quit 

was mod on remotepvp for 7 months (noone plays anymore) mod on a server that shut down for 3 months and helper on dreamscape for almost a year

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