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Boogy's Staff Application

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Name: Joe


Username in game: Boogy


Forum username: Boogy


Age: 18


Timezone: EST


Country: USA, PA


Main language or others you may speak: English


What position are you applying for?: Admin or Mod


How Long have you played FreedomScape and been loyal to us?: I recently joined before the economy reset, joined as soon as goody said we were merging :D 


Have you ever been punished in any way in-game or on the forum?: No


If answered yes to above, what did you do?:


How many hours (roughly) do you or can you play a week?: 20-30.


What does being part of staff mean to you?: I get the opportunity to lend a hand and help maintain a happy community. and the change to Interact with players on a more complex level and try to resolve their issue(s).


If a player is breaking the rules how are you going to deal with it?: Depending on what that player was doing, could lead anywhere from a mute, or a jail, ban, depends on if you are botting or advertising and numerous other scenarios.


Have you ever been staff before on another rsps?: Yes.


If answered yes to above, what position did you have, what server you were staff for and for how long?:

I think it was called Grinderscape, about 3 or so years back was Official Middle Man for 6 months. Moved to Agaroth (otherwise known as Singularis) Was Moderator for 8 or so months, Forums Administrator, Game Administrator for 4 or 5 months, then Co-Owner until the merge. 

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