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  1. I've known you for awhile and you have came a long way as far as how I see you with the ability to handle different situations. I think you'd do fine
  2. Name: Joe Username in game: Boogy Forum username: Boogy Age: 18 Timezone: EST Country: USA, PA Main language or others you may speak: English What position are you applying for?: Admin or Mod How Long have you played FreedomScape and been loyal to us?: I recently joined before the economy reset, joined as soon as goody said we were merging Have you ever been punished in any way in-game or on the forum?: No If answered yes to above, what did you do?: How many hours (roughly) do you or can you play a week?: 20-30. What does being part of staff mean to you?: I get the opportunity to lend a hand and help maintain a happy community. and the change to Interact with players on a more complex level and try to resolve their issue(s). If a player is breaking the rules how are you going to deal with it?: Depending on what that player was doing, could lead anywhere from a mute, or a jail, ban, depends on if you are botting or advertising and numerous other scenarios. Have you ever been staff before on another rsps?: Yes. If answered yes to above, what position did you have, what server you were staff for and for how long?: I think it was called Grinderscape, about 3 or so years back was Official Middle Man for 6 months. Moved to Agaroth (otherwise known as Singularis) Was Moderator for 8 or so months, Forums Administrator, Game Administrator for 4 or 5 months, then Co-Owner until the merge.
  3. Lmk if you need any help Good job guys.
  4. As many of us know, we are merging with this server and one of the agreements we made was to transfer your stats from Singularis to this server. To do so, we need to know everyone who came to this server from Singularis so we can move over your player data. Please post below your IGN for your player on Singularis and your IGN for your player on FreedomScape. Thank you for everyone who came over and stayed with us throughout the entirety of the server, we greatly appreciate your company! -Goody -Boogy Singularis IGN: FreedomScape IGN:
  5. Interesting app, good luck!
  6. Hello everyone! I am known as Boogy and recently joined this RSPS. I have been playing RSPS for the past 7 years and met numerous types of players. Some who I call friends today and are the reason why I am here, and some that I left in the past since they decided to make the wrong choices. Either way, I can't wait to get to know everyone on this server. So far everyone seems helpful and friendly and I am enjoying the servers progress. If you ever want someone to talk to or ask questions about anything shoot me a pm! -Boogy
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