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  1. Alongside the current game modes, we should not be limited to such an easy exp rate, *NOT COMPLAINING ;)* With the game modes we have now, the exp rates are all the same, I suggest adding these. Hard; 3-5% additional drop rate, x50 exp rate? Extreme; 10-15% additional drop rate, x5 or x10 exp rate? With these modes and their benefits, perhaps add a icon beside the extreme game mode for every player; a wilderness skull maybe? As well as maybe different starter items, anger or blurite sword with nice bonuses, with stats equal or a bit lower than a dragon scimitar with no requirements. Note* HC and Regular Ironmen can use hard or extreme mode.
  2. Advanced Evil Tree Woodcutting: As you chop the tree, instead of stopping the players choppingl, make it so the tree sprouts roots that attack you, but do minimal damage; when you chop them you get additional kindling Firemaking: Add a "Burn" option to the tree, so instead of gaining woodcutting experience and dealing damage through woodcutting, you gain firemaking and deal firemaking damage. With that, either take from the woodcutting suggestion and reward additional kindling, or add "Charred Kindling" along side with another kindling shop or just put them in the same shop and spend those on different rewards. Ex; Golden Tinderbox that grants additional exp per log, Pyromancer Gear? etc... Extra; Add "Inspect" option on tree to see the status of it. ie; 58% health left
  3. Yeo u already know who it is, oh Omen or Sage, whichever you wanna call me; I am dat nigga. Pm me if you wanna be friends I am friendly if u are xoxo <3 IGN: oh Omen
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