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  1. 1) I agree 2) that's not something i'd like, now it's actually more "challenging" to get barrows items and it adds to the difficulty to get gear. theres enough top servers who use barrows as a minigame like they have done here. 3) Don't agree, slayer isn't meant to be skip to the best task without losing anything. 4) agree on this, the gap between masters is a bit too steep past 50. 5) depends on the task you're getting, as an ironman i got a d-scim before 47 slay. 6) Agree, however theres other methods to quickly recharge your pray+hp so donators still get the edge by paying. Just my personal opinion on the suggestions you've made though.
  2. Great work on the client!
  3. hope this issue will be resolved quick, bumping it up!
  4. Resolved [thanks to @sauce]
  5. Good to see staff joining the server aswell, nice to meet you Ethan!
  6. Welcome to Freedomscape and gl becoming first maxed player.
  7. Wish you a warm welcome to freedom scape and thx for joining the community!
  8. Welcome to Freedomscape Terry!
  9. title says it all, there are no vials of water in the ironman store making leveling herb impossible, also need to check if eyes of newt etc drop.
  10. Has been solved thanks to @sauce
  11. Another suggestion: make it so we can modify our own posts, can't seem to add or remove anything from the already posted suggestions? I can edit my comments, but not my main post
  12. 1) Some websites still refer back to optimus rsps when voting 2) rsps list gives an error: Error invalid username. please try again 3) No way to gain your vote points using ::check (maybe meant for ironman)
  13. when turning in agility tickets for experience it states you should get 7.680 exp / ticket this value is wrong though and gave 2.000 exp as ironman, if someone can fill in the recieved value as regular player that would help. Solution: modifying the value cap'n izzy says to 2.000.
  14. here are a few suggestions i came up with during my time on Freedomscape, enjoy. Dungeoneering: 1) Add more items to the smuggler: He currently only sells weapons (which are adamant tier at best) and low lvl runes (i suggest adding more tiers of runes) 2) Dungeoneering pets from thok More to be added
  15. There are a few small bugs i ran into while playing ironman mode. Due to there not being an ironman vendor we have no acces to these items: Skilling items: Hammers / all kinds of moulds / Knives/ Chisels/ Tinderbox Useful items: Ropes / Vials of water I'll add more to this post if i find more bugs related to ironman gameplay.
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