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  1. wont let me edit and remove last image but oh well theres some of my modeling design
  2. Mattage's Barrows Guide (Magic) Table of context: -Requirements -Gear/Inventory -Location -Method -Loots -Requirements: *43 Prayer *60+ Defense *39 Magic -Gear/Inventory Gear: Inventory: You May bring Magic potions if you'd like -Location Staircase Just East of banks at ::home -Method The Method we are going to use which is extremely effective is by casting "crumble undead" It is super effective against barrows brothers due to them being shades Don't Forget your protection prayers or they will pretty much destroy you! -Loots Each Brother Drops their respective armor sets at 2.5% aswell as their pet at 1% I hope you enjoyed this new Method of killing The Barrows Brothers Good Luck on drops!
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