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  1. Singularis IGN: Noob FreedomScape IGN: Pleb
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  4. This poll isn't going to decide 100% if this change will happen, it is just a suggestion and the poll is to see other people's opinions.
  5. Normal - You play as a regular account with no restrictions. Ironman - You can't trade with other players, can't buy items from regular shops, access to the ironman general store and ironman point store, and have 70% exp of regular accounts. Hardcore Ironman - Same restrictions as an ironman account but you can't access banks and are limited to only your inventory.
  6. As of right now the Nomad quest is pretty pointless, so here's a suggestion to make it worth doing. After the quest make it so you can unlock Nomad as a boss, maybe give him some dialogue like "I was taking it easy on you" or something like that, and when you would repeat this boss fight he would have increased stats (maybe comparable stats to the *nex* boss in diamond portal). Could add a little portal to the area that you do nomads quest as the entrance to this boss fight, and it would be repeatable afterwards as many times as you'd like. Haven't really gotten all the ideas as far as possible drops, so suggestions are welcome! But I was thinking it could be more skilling supplies based, so maybe a rare drop of 100 raw sharks, or noted ores/bars. The idea is to help both ironmen and skillers alike. This idea isn't 100% completed yet, as of now just a concept to make existing content worth doing, so any feedback helps.
  7. Donator Ranks and Benefits Bronze - $7 Access to ::dz Frost Dragon portal to non-wildy Frost Dragons Cooking range close to bank Rocktail barrel Rune armour thieving (95 theiving req) Your own Yew and Magic trees Close to bank New Fletching npc (can buy logs up to Magic logs, fletch them, and resell to shop for profit) Rune ess mining next to bank and zmi alter for easy runecrafting Zmi altar next to bank Furnace and Anvil close to bank Tin, Copper, Iron, Coal, Mithril, Adamant, and Runite ores Gem trader (can buy uncut gems up to Dragonstone, cut them and resell back to shop for profit) Ability to hunt Ferrets (better exp per catch) Dungeoneering prestige increased to 20 Resetting Slayer tasks cost 4 points Damage decreased at Runespan 1.5x xp per bone on altar Silver - $50 Access to all previous rank perks Access to a Silver portal within ::dz with portal has exclusive Terror dogs, Terror puppy, and The wildy boss Cerberus (non-wildy) Unlimited Prayer Restting Slayer tasks cost 3 points Dungeouneering prestige increased to 23 1.6x xp per bone on altar Gold - $100 Access to all previous rank perks Access to Gold portal with Non-task Blood reavers, Venenatis, and Chaos Elemental (non-wildy) Resetting Slayer tasks cost 2 points Dungeoneering prestige increased to 25 1.7x xp per bone on altar ::bank command More to be added Platinum - $250 Access to all previous rank perks Access to Platinum portal with some of the following things available inside Shop npc that sells Death runes, Blood runes, noted Shark, noted Manta ray, and Ice arrows Bone tree (non-pvp) Dramen tre (non-pvp) noted Coal ore noted Rune ore noted Rune bar ore (non-pvp) 99 Theiving stall gives 50k gp Rainbowfish spot (non-pvp) Resetting Slayer task cost 1 point Dungeoneering prestige increased to 27 1.8x xp per bone on altar More to be added Diamond - $500 Access to Diamond portal which takes you to your own private islannd Shop npc that sells Death runes, Blood runes, Astral runes, Soul runes, noted Shark, noted Manta ray, noted Rocktail, Ice arrows, and Overlaods Can request bosses be spawned to be killed (adding perm bosses soon) Dungeoneering prestige increased to 30 Restting Slayer tasks are FREE Damage reduction at Runespan 1.9x xp per bone on altar Future plans to add more things to this.
  8. Name: Mat Username in game: Mat Forum username: Mat Age: 23 Timezone: EST Country: USA Main language or others you may speak: English What position are you applying for?: Any that are currently open How Long have you played FreedomScape and been loyal to us?: Around 3-4 weeks I think? Not 100% sure what date I joined. Have you ever been punished in any way in-game or on the forum?: No If answered yes to above, what did you do?: No How many hours (roughly) do you or can you play a week?: Really depends what else is going on IRL, maybe 25 give or take a few? What does being part of staff mean to you?: Just helping out where I can I guess. If a player is breaking the rules how are you going to deal with it?: It depends on the situation. Give them maybe 1-2 warnings depending on rule being broken then take further action. Have you ever been staff before on another rsps?: Yes If answered yes to above, what position did you have, what server you were staff for and for how long?: I was a support on Hazeel which later turned into OptimusRsps, was a support for roughly 2 months I believe before resigning. Was an Admin for Xscape (although I felt like at times I had to be in charge of it lol) for I think 4 1/2 - 5 months before resigning.
  9. My suggestion is to add a ladder or door of some sort to leave the dung floor and remove the 15 second thing, would benefit those trying to speed through it, and on the other hand give the groups doing it plenty of time to compare whatever drop they get and make sure somebody gets bound
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