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  1. 1. Dungeoneering prestige fix or add more floors to dungeoneering, currently you build prestige based on how many floors you do in a session before you log out once you log out you lose the multiplier for tokens and exp. 2. ancient armour needs the gp amount that it can be sold to the shop lowered to keep a low eco maybe change from 35m a piece to like 10m a piece sold to the shop since the best statue sells for 5m like real rs. 3. dragonfire hits through anti fire shield unsure if potion helps it is sold in shop. 4. slayer monsters slayer lvl 80 and less need to be more rewarding to make people stick with slayer. 5. jad goes invisible for about 2 seconds when its doing an attack could just be a bug with swapping animations. 6. zulrah group spawns multiple zulrahs not sure if it is suppose to or not but the toxic clouds can stack you like a tank and just own u in .5 secs. If anyone encounters anything else post it below.
  2. About number 3 what is said is you choose to not do a task and get a training task instead but you break your slayer streak for bonus points all it is will be exactly like real runescape in that aspect but if you wish to skip a task using points you keep your streak alive while getting a different task. (So even if you skip the task you got to do a task of 10 - 20 training monsters to get the next real task.) Number 2 Now I was going to say this giving the actual mini game a buff on the rewards for people that actually do it that way which could be more efficient than killing the brothers on top of the hills but of course it would be random the pieces that you'd get.
  3. The main reason I suggest you change out the foods shop is because pvpers and pvmers that just join the server are accustomed to more popular servers and if you want to retain those people it would be wise to atleast lower the price on the swordfish to a reasonable amount even on real rs they aren't 4k and with the starter cash you could only buy 6 swordfish and at the mid level thieving stall you only get about 4k gp per hammer you turn in so that's like 1 swordfish per hammer so that might detour a lot of new people.
  4. 1. shop prices are a bit high compared to that 25k you get to start with I mean 4k for 1 swordfish at those prices you should have rock tail in that slot plus thieving from those stalls . 2. barrows not to be a minigame what do I mean by this more popular servers have the barrows bros ontop of their respective hill and you can kill that for their barrows armor/weps eg karil drops karil's set pieces. 3. Allow people to cancel a slayer task at no cost and it lets them do a task of lets say 10 - 20 rockcrabs or a random training monster which wouldn't cost points but would ruin their streak compared to if you pay points to skip like in real rs. 4. The gap between the next slayer master is fairly high in my opinion 50 slayer to a jump of 80 slayer for better tasks is kinda huge considering how low the rates are compared to popular servers. 5. Most slayer monsters drop nothing of value at all, one server I played had clue caskets to drop and reward 100k - 500k coins depending on if the casket was easy medium or hard as it is atm I am struggling to buy gear/supplies with what I am getting the best thing I have got from 1slay to 66 is a rune scimi. 6. Most servers have this for free and it is the nurse to restore stats for free players aswell I tried it and seen you have to be donor status where most other servers it is free. I will update this If I find I need to add something else.
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