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  4. Hey Guys! Here's a guide on how to get better armour/weapons then you currently have. Do ::drops to find better armor too. Might be a bit long but.... w/e IF I AM MISSING ANYTHING PLEASE TELL ME AND I WILL ADD IT. I'll Start with Melee gear, and later I'll add range/mage 1. Melee Armour Weapon (Worst to Best) Dragon Scimitar (Starting Weapon) Abyssal Whip ( Voting Shop, Boss Point Shops, Slayer Drop @ 85, Crystal Key ) Vesta/Stat weapons ( Drops from Revs and Chaos Elemental, Crystal Key) Chaotic items (Dungeoneering, Donator Shop) Abyssal Bludgeon ( Made from 3 separate drops from Abyssal Sire DEEP WILD) Primal Rapier (Drop from Bandos Avatar, 2and best weapon ingame) Drygore Rapier (drops from blood reavers, is now best in game) Armor (Worst to Best) Black Elite Armour (starter item) Barrows pieces ( Upstairs @ ::home) Void Armour ( Around 850 points @ Pest control) Bandos pieces( GWD, Boss point shop) Rev Armour (Stat/Vesta @ Revs or Chaos Ele or crystal key) Torva Pieces (Legendary MBOX or Nex drop) Dragonbone Armour ( Drop from Scorpia/Venenatis ) Slayer Helmet( ON TASK BIS, otherwise a tier lower than dragonbone) Boots Climbing Boots ( starter item) Bandos Boots( GWD, Boss point shop) Dragon Boots( Kraken, PK shop) Steadfast Boots( Prestige Shop, PKP shop, Glacors) Primordial boots( Use a Cerberus Primordial Crystal with a pair or Steadfast Boots) Necks Glory( starter item) Fury( Vote point shop, multiple bosses drop onyx, boss point shop, crystal key) Blood Necklace( Blood Reavers, 92 slayer and Sumona Task) +20str Capes Obby cape( starter item) Fire cape( JAD) Upgraded Fire Cape( Requires 50k tokkul + a fire cape) Death Cape( 400 Prestige Points or PKP) +12str Gloves Just get Barrows Gloves Dragonbone gloves (bis) Ring Ring of Vigour +3str Berserker Ring(I) +8str Ring of wealth
  5. Hey Guys! Here's a simple Dungeoneering Guide you can use to get from 1-99 Dung. IMPORTANT: Dungeoneering has a multiplier effect such that when you do more levels you'll receive 1x, 2x, 3x...14x your base token amount. Make sure to not logout or teleport out to retain your multiplier. Suggestions: Make sure you have at least 43 prayer and/or base 60 combat skills or it will be a bit tough. 1. How to get there. First head to your Magic book. Then go to Skills Teleport >> Rejuvenation >> Dungeoneering. 2. How to start. Form a party, then you can change your complexity( 1 or 2 preferably) and ::invite (players) Talk to Thok, and start the game. 3. What to do. So first off, buy an Addy Scim from the store and kill the low level npcs until you get a good weapon. Rapier > Maul > Any other Weapon. It's important to get a good enough weapon or else you will have a tough time killing the boss. Until you get a decent weapon, you may want to restart the dungeon over and ignore the boss. 4. I have my weapon, now what? Since dungeoneering has a multiplier effect, there's no point in attacking low level monsters anymore. Just rush the boss. Make sure to Protect from Melee. Once you have killed the boss, bind the weapon/gloves/boots if you get it, and then leave the party if you want faster runs. 5. What to Bind? Always bind the highest tier weapon you can find, next bind the best gloves and then boots. Only STR+ bonus matters so no point in getting armor. Weapons > Gloves > Boots > Any other Armour. Ideal Gear setup for a boss would look similar to this. Now, keep grinding the boss until you get whatever item you're looking for. Here's the Shop for convenience. Chaotic Longsword = 350k All Shields = 350k Chaotic Rapier = 400k Farseer Necklace ( +14mg bonus) = 250k Chaotic Maul = 350k Ring of Vigour (Makes your specs cost 10% less) = 150k Chaotic Crossbow = 400k Charming imp (Auto collects Charms) = 750k Chaotic Staff = 400k THANKS FOR READING MY GUIDE!
  6. When you get nex down to a low hp, and you attack him he automatically dcs you. I lost my fury(or) and robin hat because of it. https://gyazo.com/35cdc351ebc5821e2abad1c11ee547ec
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