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  1. IF YOU WISH TO PLAY FREEDOMSCAPE ON YOUR ORIGINAL ACCOUNT READ THIS! So after a long few weeks we have managed to get everything merged and added a few cool things that are brand new to singularis and freedomscape players! Due to complications with the economy Reset system, I will be handling all the character files by hand. So what this means is, All character files are deleted from the live version of the game, if you log into your account it will be blank. So what i want you all to do, is contact me in game or on Skype personally and let me know that you want to play If im not in game or online comment below your username and what server file you wish to keep (singularis or Freedomscape original), after that i will look at your original file make sure all gp is cleared and your stats are preserved, Make sure that you get all your donor points back to spend in our shop or save for later! Then i will upload it to freedomscape and you will be able to log onto it and continue playing with your same stats, time played, and achievements! I hope to see a lot of you online with us! I'd also like to thank you all for being patient with me and goody while we worked this all out, let me say it was not easy but we got it all done and we did it for you guys! Enjoy. yours truly, test. SIDE-NOTE: We will continue using "" for the rest of august while we fix up and re-work "". An announcement will be made once we switch to the new forums and homepage, untill then this is our home! Will keep everyone posted.
  2. I dont mind, to be honest i believe at one point and time they were tradable. Im not sure how or why they were switched back but im sure there was a smaller reason, but all in all Im not against making them tradable
  3. I'll support it, application accepted.
  4. Yes they are right now, they are only obtainable from me, from PvP events and tournaments. If an automated system was implemented, I would most likely set it to reward one key for x amount of kills without deaths, and possibly a rare chance everytime you kill someone like a rare drop from an npc but from a player in PvP.
  5. - Added separate npc Nex boss called *nex* it will not have any brothers to fight, this has been added to diamond portal permanently - Added skotizo boss in 46 wilderness, added his own drop table and a skotizo pet - In addition to skotizo he drops the gem piece needed to make the new hybrid godsword (ancient godstaff) - He also now drops armadyl robes that will have a mage and strength bonus - The new Ancient godsword staff is one handed, has bonus mage and melee str bonus with a spec of an armadyl godsword that hits twice and faster, You can autocast with this due to its high mage bonus it is almost a bis staff as well as a faster armadyl godsword. This godstaff can be made with 1. Ancient staff 2. Armadyl godsword 3. Ancient gem (dropped by skotizo) - I changed some stats on the op weapons, added back bonus to ice arrows, added speed to infernal bow, blowpipes, and twisted bow. - Changed the prices of the donor zone and portal teleport tabs - Added alot more stuff to PvP chest - Added the list of rewards from the PvP chest on the forums in knowledge base Well thats all for today that i remember, as always more coming soon! and enjoy! -Test
  6. This is a list of things you can get from the PvP chest using PvP keys, this chest is located directly south in the PvP zone at home! - All zuriels - All statius - All morrigans - All vestas - All bandos - All Godsword hilts - Ragefire boots - Steadfast boots - Glaiven boots - Primordial crystal - Eternal crystal - Pegassian crystal - Smouldering stone - Molten glass - Legendary mystery box - Crystal keys x5 - Uncut onyx x2 - Trapdoor key - 1 Diamond portal teleport tab - 1 Platinum portal teleport tab - 1 gold portal teleport tab - 2 silver teleport tabs - 3 Donor zone teleport tabs -All Virtus - All Pernix - All torva - Blood Necklace - Drygore rapier - Drygore longsword - Drygore mace - Primal rapier - Primal maul - Dragon claws - Korasi's sword - Twisted bow - Abyssal Dagger - Toxic blowpipe - Dragon war hammer - Staff of gods - Death cape - 100M GP - RARE Pet Skeleton puppy If you notice something thats not on this list let me know and i will add it!
  7. Accepted, welcome aboard mat. You are now a Freedomscape Moderator!
  8. - Fixed the player count to the exact amount that is online - Added pvp chest rewards, will be making list of the rewards soon the keys are still not obtainable but will be a reward for events and giveaways, The method of obtaining them in the future is still being worked on and decided, will be done soon! Suggestions are welcomed! - Added teleport tabs available in game for 1 hour access to d zone general area, silver portal, gold portal, platinum portal, and diamond portal. - Locked all the shops within the donor portals from those who have not actually donated, so people in the portals that used teleport tabs will not be able to purchase items from the donor shops. - Added abyssal sire, and scorpia to diamond portal, requestable bosses are still available for diamond donors and visitors via teleport tab. - Lowered the skill points shop prices, scarf top hat and secters are now 1k, wiz (g) and (t) are now 100 a piece, and much more! - Added Donor zone teleport tabs and portal teleport tabs to prestige shop for the time being, they may come in other places as we go. for now they are there. That is all for today, more to come ofcourse, till the next one. enjoy.
  9. Great list, hope we can add pictures and more features soon. I have been working on alot of other things but also trying to keep our donators in mind! Thanks mat!
  10. - Added value to the twisted bow and drygore rapier - Fixed the speed of zamorak godsword, blowpipe, and twisted bow. adjusted the ice arrows stats - Magma blow pipe has been added, it can be made by using molten glass with a regular blow pipe (molten glass is sold at tokkul shop) - Infernal bow is now in game, it must be made from a smoldering stone, molten glass, a dark bow, and a twisted bow. - Overloads are now makable without disconnecting you, it was a little broken. - You can not log out in wilderness or pvp area, nor can you :: bank if you have access to that command - ::bank command is now returned for donors 100$+ - The pvp barrier works properly now, if you die you will teleport home instead of back into wilderness - Pvp Trapdoor will no longer teleport you back into wilderness and waste your key if you are in a fight, it just simply wont let you enter. - Changed up trivia a little bit Got more on the way shortly, sorry for the long wait. I was out of state for a while dealing with some family affairs. I am back now for good and will be giving almost all my attention to updating and improving the server. Until then enjoy! - test
  11. - Added a name to the pvp rocks such as noted coal ore, noted runite ore, crystal key loop, crystal key tooth, rune bar ore, and escape key rock. - Trapdoor added to pvp area, now if you want to mine crystal keys, you have to mine trapdoor keys in pvp are to get gain access to the trapdoor to mine the crystal keys, BE WARNED you must have a pickaxe to leave! To leave the crystal key area you must mine the escape rock for an "escape key" these only spawn every 30 minutes so mine wisely!, warning this area is multi, it is against the rules to log onto two or more accounts to multi pk or protect yourself. - Added NEW skilling teleport interface alot better than our old one - Lizard shamen is now multi, so feel free to bring a friend and share the loots! or dont... up to you - Wildy has been turned multi for the purpose of being able to boss with your friends and others, also same rule applies, logging into two or more accounts to pk, boss or protect yourself in wild is against the rules. - Changed the price on abyssal dagger so it places over cheap items when u die - Diamond portal now is open for use, although more things need to be added yet, i thought id open it up for now with what it has. Shop is available with better runes, rocktails, and overloads. Untill i choose what bosses are in there, diamond members may request a boss to be spawned in that zone. I can add it instantly via command. Just pm me and ill get to you as soon as i can. Just a small one for now got plenty still incoming, please if you still do not have the launcher, download that now by clicking play now on the forums! More updates to come, any suggestions or fixs please post or pm me personally. till next time, test.
  12. Appeal accepted
  13. - Added 2 more magics to dz, and removed the two maples and replaced those with yews from the ones we moved for the new magic trees. - Added New boss Lizard Shamen, he is now in bosses 2 teleports, he attacks with magic and melee. He drops pet, dragon warhammer, and tyrannical ring (bonus crush and str) perfect for new dragon warhammer which has a special attack effect that devastates your opponents defence while dealing Powerful quick damage aswell, mainly for pvp. But does work well with pvm aswell. Enjoy - Fixed armadyl crossbow speed the weapons interface was incorrect, i changed it back to crossbow - Added Crystal Keys to donator shop - Added announcements to crystal key chest to all the loots - Increased Dragonbone mage gears magic bonus and some defence bonuses If you do not have the launcher we added a few days back, please delete your current client and click play now on the forums to download the launcher, you should not have to download a new client ever again. The launcher will always give you the most recent client automatically. Enjoy
  14. In-Game Name: Who punished you? [Player name here] What was the punishment? How long ago were you punished? Why Have you been punished? Is there anything else you would like to add?
  15. Denied, not because your not fit for staff, just little to early. try again in some time. @Henry
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