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  1. Does anyone else think the loyalty shop needs a bit of an upgrade? drop a vote and a suggestion
  2. This is the loot from 60 kraken ill do a item list tomorrow im too tired rn i also didnt start looting still baout 15 in http://prntscr.com/fwyd9b
  3. https://prnt.sc/ftwwxq https://prnt.sc/ftwx27 https://prnt.sc/ftwx6c https://prnt.sc/ftwxap https://prnt.sc/ftwxet baka has superior death lotus twisted bow blow pipe 2 prap drygore scrolls and flippers thats about it don't let him lie to you.
  4. i understand argueing in the cc is wrong ima just keep to myself from now on.
  5. In-Game Name:7 Who punished you? test What was the punishment? mute How long ago were you punished? yesterday Why Have you been punished? telling someone to stfu after 5 people were ganging up on me and shitting on me. Is there anything else you would like to add?
  6. i am the only moderator on the server if i try and do something and people don't listen i have to use powers to make it happen how is that abuse? people have to listen to staff members when they say something just because i don't own the server doesbnt mean you don't have to listen to me. never stop flame? harley you try and start an arguement every time you type? you bring the heat upon yourself then act defenseless. So stop from all people who could have made this? the person who quit and begged for items twice? and tried to act l;ike they lost all their stuff once when they exfered it? you quit after u got demoted and try to start arguements withme daily about it. if killing someone in a pvp zone is provoking players idk what u want
  8. Well so in close to max mage gear you can hit 66 with cstaff and ahrims. i believe the max is uaully 44? rarely not 66 a ags spec worth of hp? maybe mage needs a rework as ctsff is outhitting BIS staff
  9. no ray gun to many customs looks entirely gross
  10. We are not currently looking for staff. Also you just joined the server get to play the server a bit. App was a bit short friend.
  11. Add how to do scorpia because as of rn no one even knows what to pray
  12. I myself love redtube.
  13. Hey guys i just wanted to add here today to let you all know a bit about myself. i am 18 i've been playing runescape for over 12 years and rsps's for almost 10 i have alot of knowledge when it comes to coding and content. i am also a very dedicated person when i put my mind to it and am very excited to spend time with you all here on freedom scape
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