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    • This is a list of things you can get from the PvP chest using PvP keys, this chest is located directly south in the PvP zone at home! - All zuriels - All statius - All morrigans - All vestas - All bandos - All Godsword hilts - Ragefire boots - Steadfast boots - Glaiven boots - Primordial crystal - Eternal crystal - Pegassian crystal - Smouldering stone - Molten glass - Legendary mystery box - Crystal keys x5 - Uncut onyx x2 - Trapdoor key - 1 Diamond portal teleport tab - 1 Platinum portal teleport tab - 1 gold portal teleport tab - 2 silver teleport tabs - 3 Donor zone teleport tabs -All Virtus - All Pernix - All torva - Blood Necklace - Drygore rapier - Drygore longsword - Drygore mace - Primal rapier - Primal maul - Dragon claws - Korasi's sword - Twisted bow - Abyssal Dagger - Toxic blowpipe - Dragon war hammer - Staff of gods - Death cape - 100M GP - RARE Pet Skeleton puppy If you notice something thats not on this list let me know and i will add it!    
    • Accepted, welcome aboard mat. You are now a Freedomscape Moderator!
    • First of all, thank you alot for this update Second of all, i would redo or atleast add the donor tabs to Loyalty shop, so they show that they are loyal enough to use such a good item (imo) Thanks again, looking forward to it
    • - Fixed the player count to the exact amount that is online - Added pvp chest rewards, will be making list of the rewards soon the keys are still not obtainable but will be a reward for events and giveaways, The method of obtaining them in the future is still being worked on and decided, will be done soon! Suggestions are welcomed! - Added teleport tabs available in game for  1 hour access to d zone general area, silver portal, gold portal, platinum portal, and diamond portal. - Locked all the shops within the donor portals from those who have not actually donated, so people in the portals that used teleport tabs will not be able to purchase items from the donor shops. - Added abyssal sire, and scorpia to diamond portal, requestable bosses are still available for diamond donors and visitors via teleport tab. - Lowered the skill points shop prices, scarf top hat and secters are now 1k, wiz (g) and (t) are now 100 a piece, and much more! - Added Donor zone teleport tabs and portal teleport tabs to prestige shop for the time being, they may come in other places as we go. for now they are there.   That is all for today, more to come ofcourse, till the next one. enjoy.  
    • Great list, hope we can add pictures and more features soon. I have been working on alot of other things but also trying to keep our donators in mind! Thanks mat!  
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